Site updates

We’ve made some site updates to address some erratic viewing problems on Internet Explorer 5.x. Further site changes are ongoing and we will look to complete the makeovers for all the sub-menu pages shortly. If you're looking to see whether your browser has been added to the list of tested browsers, you may skip to the what's been tested section. [PearTree Graphics]

What’s new

Beginning with the home page, we updated the style sheets to complete our change from HTML to XHTML. This has several advantages [mostly technical and probably not very interesting]; however, the main one is that we're moving towards a more accessible site design. As an aside, by separating the content from the way we've prettied it up, you can still read the content without the style sheets but more on that later.


It may seem odd worrying about accessibility for a site that contains mostly visual content. But accessibility is not just about people living with visual impairments. Some people may be cognitively impaired and unable to use a mouse while others may be unable to hear an audio clip telling them to click on a button. In any event, accessible site design means that the site itself should not impose a barrier on someone's ability to comprehend the content.

Your browser

If you're like about 90% of the internet public, you're probably using Internet Explorer. However, IE is not the only game in town. There's AOL, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Lynx and Safari — just to name a few — never mind the Windows versus Mac issue. We've tried our best addressing the quirky features of each of these browsers while maintaining our goal of accessibility without sacrificing visual appeal.

That said, we did have to compromise in some areas. These changes mean that people using any version 4 of Netscape, will not have the full benefit of the style sheets. You will get a watered down version but the content will remain intact. On the plus side, people using text-based browsers will still be able to read the full content — obviously your browser choice means you won't be able to view the associated images.

What’s been tested

We've successfully tested the following browsers to ensure that what you see is how we envisioned it in the first place. If your browser does not appear on this list and funny things seem to be happening, please contact PearTree Graphics.

Firefox 1.x, Netscape 6.x, Safari 1.x, Opera 7.x and Lynx for the Mac
Firefox 1.x, Internet Explorer 5.x for Windows